Healthy Habits

Now that the new year is in full swing, something that is on a lot of our minds is setting your goals for the year and thinking about what you can do for yourself in the future to improve yourself and your wellbeing. We know this can sometimes be a harder task for some more than others, so if you are finding yourself stuck with trying to set some goals for the year, we are here to offer a few simple and easy goals which can help to improve your overall health and wellbeing to get you of to an amazing year! Remember, don’t put too much stress on them, just set some realistic goals and realistic timeframe.

Goal #1 – Reduce your sugary drinks intake by 50%.
This can be a hard task for some, but the benefits from such a simple thing will amaze you. Cutting out sugar from your diet which are consumed from Fizzy Carbonated Drinks, as well as juices (even if they are all natural!) will have a huge effect on your health, inside and out. If you’re a fan of these drinks, try replacing your fizzy for Sparkling Water at least once a day. if you’re not a fan of the taste you can try flavouring it with Lemon, Berry or other fruits. You can also stock up on drinks like Kambucha or a similar drink so you don’t have the temptation on your fridge. These types of drinks are low in sugar, great for helping digestion and still taste delish!

Goal # 2 - Allocate time away from Computer and Phone Screens
We all know how much of a necessity to have our phones or computers at arm’s length at all times. It has become such a way of life, but it’s causing a huge affect on our health and wellbeing. Make it a goal to take an hour at least out of your day away from your phone screen or computer. Get outside and go for a walk. Have an actual face to face conversation with a friend or neighbour. Or better yet, try avoid your phone or computer an hour before bed. Blue light from these can be very harmful to our sleep. If you avoid this right before bed, you can train your body into getting a better, fuller nights sleep and wake up feeling fresh and ready for the day.

Goal # 3 – Do your part
Do you know your overall wellbeing is enhanced when we do something good, either for someone else or just for the environment? No matter how big or small, it will be worth it. Being a “do-gooder” can be great for your overall wellbeing. Make sure you’re the proud owner of a keep cup this year. Do your best to recycle EVERYTHING you can. A close friend mentioned they have a big job to do at home on the weekend? Offer to give them a hand. Help the old lady next door with her groceries. The options are endless!

Goal # 4 – Sustainable Consumption

While recycling is still doing our bit for the enviroment, make a note to be more concious of your consumption. This can help reduce the need to recycle all together. Had a product you love and use on the regular? See if they have an option to buy in bulk to reduce the amount of smaller bottles used. Or try buying something that can be refilled? Just like a drink bottle, there are companies who offer refill's of thier products! Like Buchi Kombucha, who offer in store refills so you can fill up your own bottle. Or MooGoo Skincare, who often hold refill events where customers can refill thier own bottles instead of having to buy new ones, all doing there bit to help the enviroment!