One thing that can hold you back from that flawless complexion is something that a lot of people, including myself, sometimes don’t think of…. something so simple…. Like cleaning your make up brushes.

When makeup brushes are not cleaned properly, enough or at all they can be packed with a lot of stuff we don’t want on our skin. From toxins to dead skin cells, old makeup and LOADS of bacteria. Yuck! When you dip your brush in the powder and then wipe over your skin time and time again, each time you are wiping bacteria back on to your face, which can then result in nasty breakouts.

Cleaning your make up brushes should be done on a regular basis for keeping your skin in good health. But what’s a regular basis? Well,/ it all depends on the brush. Brushes used for liquid Foundations and Concealers should be cleaned almost every day. All other brushes used for Blushes, Powder Foundations, Eye Shadows, etc. should be washed at least once a week.

Now don’t stress! Cleaning your brushes is an easy task and once you get into the routine of doing it you won’t look back. Another thing to consider is what to clean them with? For us, is an easy choice: natural and free of chemicals or harsh detergents. Here are a few cleaner’s you can use to get you started!

MooGoo Milk Wash
Of course, this is our #1 choice because the Milk Wash is a mild, natural cleanser that we use for ourselves so we believe our brushes deserve the same love. Give your brush a quick rinse with water, place a small dot of the soap into your hand. Swirl the brush around gentle, using circular motions in both directions. Rinse the brush and your hand and then repeat if necessary, until your brush is looking like new and the water is running clear when rinsing. Pat dry with a towel and lay flat overnight to air dry. If you are short on time you can dry with a hairdryer, just make sure it's on the cool setting.



A Soap Bar
You can use a standard soap bar. Simply wet the brush, massage it against the bar working deep into the bristles. Rinse with warm water thoroughly, repeat if necessary and pat dry with a towel and leave lying down to air dry. We recommend using an all-natural soap such as the MooGoo Buttermilk Cleansing Bar (your brushes will smell amazing after).




Apple Cider Vinegar & Liquid Soap 

For especially dirty brushes that are likely to have a build-up of bacteria, you may want to use this recipe, as apple cider vinegar can help kill potentially dangerous “bad” bacteria while helping to thoroughly clean brushes at the same time. Combine a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, a half-teaspoon of a natural dishwashing liquid or hand soap and one cup of warm water in a glass. Place your brushes into the mixture, and allow them to soak in order to break down the gunk. Afterwards, rinse out each brush well using cool water, then dry off and lay flat, as per the other methods. It’s best to allow them to air dry overnight.