Dusty Girls is a natural range of vegan-friendly, mineral makeup designed for women of all ages and skin types. Our products offer a healthy alternative to traditional cosmetics.

We utilise quality, effective, natural actives, extracts, oils, vitamins and minerals in all of our cosmetics to promote healthy skin and a beautiful complexion.

Dusty Girls is makeup by MooGoo. Coming from a background in skincare, specialising in natural products for adults and babies with sensitive skin and skin conditions, we know just how fussy the skin can be, and have witnessed first-hand the benefits and the important role that quality, natural ingredients play in achieving and maintaining healthy skin in every season.

We believe skincare and makeup go hand in hand, so this inspired us to create a healthy range of mineral makeup that will enhance your natural beauty and improve the overall look, feel and condition of the skin, without the use of any synthetic preservatives and chemicals.

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