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Have you ever noticed how much better your skin looks after a day in the country? It might be a little dusty, but it always appears more vibrant than after a day spent inside.

This inspired us to use the natural clays and minerals of the earth to create a healthy range of makeup that will improve the overall condition of our skin. It turns out we needed some extra ingredients to improve the coverage and resiliency, but this didn’t mean we had to compromise our integrity. We made sure that our entire range of mineral makeup provides a natural and healthy alternative for your skin and body.

Dusty Girls Makeup is farmed by MooGoo Skin Care. We have the serious job of making skin care for people with skin problems or very sensitive skin. Our makeup range adapts the sample principles. We have developed makeup that doesn’t damage our skin but provides you with a natural and healthy coverage- without the chemicals.

What is our number one beauty tip? Smile!

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